Rho Phyto

Rho Phyto

Elevation nature through science

With the resurgence of interest in the medical and therapeutic capabilities of Cannabis – one of the world’s most ancient plants – comes the opportunity to conduct responsible science that focuses on you and your specific needs.

Our story is your next step to finding something different — Rho Phyto products have been formulated to support a variety of your health and wellness needs.

Exclusive data collected through Avicanna’s™ research and development efforts enabled the development of these safe, cannabinoid therapies which continuously undergo rigorous testing to ensure product stability, delivery optimization and consistency from one bottle to the next. Setting the benchmark for evidence-based quality standards, our products consist of a range of innovative delivery methods that include oral formulations and topical preparations.

Our goal is to enable individuals seeking relief to titrate treatments to achieve predictable, desired effects in order to help support a variety of unmet therapeutic needs and lifestyles.

The Kings Garden foundation is rooted in quality and creativity. As one of the premium Californian state licensed cultivators, manufacturers, processors and distributors, the Kings Garden facilities are renowned for producing a family of perfectly consistent, curated, superior quality strains of cannabis. Their refusal to accept anything below the highest quality standards is what makes the synergy between Rho Phyto and Kings Garden the perfection combination to produce the Rho Phyto medical cannabis products.