SoCal Dabbers

SoCal Dabbers

4.9 ★

For the love of dabs.

SoCal Dabbers offers high quality and highly potent medical marijuana grown in Southern California farms. They utilize a customized process that brings out the plant’s best features to provide patients with only the cleanest and highly potent medicine. SoCal Dabbers has a grand selection of cannabis products and meds to accommodate the many various needs of consumers. Their team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals are happy to assist patients in determining the best meds for their needs.

Comprised of a team of dedicated professionals that cultivate and produce the highest quality buds and extracts, SoCal Dabbers provides the optimal dabbing experience. The extraction artists of SoCal Dabbers have developed a customized process that brings out the best features of their strains and yields the cleanest concentrates with remarkable potency. The SCD team's mission is to yield excellence from the farm to the lab. Their cannabis gardens produce some of the finest flowers found in California. The SoCal Dabbers expert extractors do these marvelous strains justice and process their buds into golden, translucent extracts with the highest potency and flavor.

In 2010, a group of professionals with expertise in crafting cannabis concentrates launched SoCal Dabbers. Initially, their goal was to provide the medical cannabis community of Orange County premium cannabis extractions. However, SoCal Dabbers concentrates were too dank to be contained. Soon patients across the southland were dabbing on SCD, and throughout the years the team has expanded, offering a robust menu of cannabis concentrates derived from the highest quality flowers.   Today, SoCal Dabbers continues to supply concentrates that surpass the status quo. Their fire line of live resin, sauce, and shatter lives at the crossroads of premium cultivation and premium extraction.

The fire begins on the farm. Every SoCal Dabbers extract was crafted from premium buds cultivated at the SoCal Farms. These flowers are tended by master growers with years of experience. On the farm, each cultivar is nurtured to perfection and grown to reach the maximum genetic potential. Once those buds are ready for harvest, they are carefully collected by the SoCal Dabbers team then cured to perfection.   Excellence from soil to oil. After those premium flowers are ready for their transformation, SoCal Dabbers extraction artists work their magic. The cannabinoids and terpenes inside the plant’s trichomes are separated from the starting material, leaving the strain’s flavor and effects. Then those slabs are purged resulting in a pure concentrate that expresses the character of the original strain with every dab.   

SoCal Dabbers offers delicious and powerful sauces extracted from the garden’s premium buds. Bubblegum Banana Live Resin Sauce features the terps and cannabinoids taken from freshly frozen trichomes, trapping those characteristics at their peak. That isn’t the only sauce to swoon over. SoCal Dabber’s Diablo OG Sauce is straight fire. Dabs of Diablo sends users the strain’s exotic terpene signatures with notes of grapefruit and pepper. The effects are just as glorious, leaving users with a powerful body-buzz and in an uplifted mood.   Folks looking for live resin have come to the right page, SoCal Dabbers offers an impressive line of live resin concentrates including their Jungle Boy’s collaboration, Wedding Cake. This flavor-filled Live Resin is sweet in taste and effects, dabbing Wedding Cake will undoubtedly put you on a good one.   

Match your sesh-buddies with a dab of SCD shatter and watch the rotation slow down, these potent extracts provide an experience well worth sharing. SoCal Dabbers’ shatter includes unique mash-ups like Parcore x Paris OG, and Blueberry x Sour Diesel to name a few. There are also fantastic contenders like Emerald Jack and Strawberry Banangie. No matter which SCD concentrate you choose to dab on, phenomenal flavor and effects are sure to follow.