Space Nugs

Space Nugs

4.8 ★

Space Nugs, the Higher Standard.

No matter the voyage you prefer, Space Nugs has the vessel. Space Nugs’ flagship line of moonrocks provide a sensational toke with every puff — but moonrocks are just the beginning. Space Nugs crafts prerolls, concentrates, and vapes that take you on a journey of euphoria and elation.   

Space Nugs is more than a cannabusiness. The team’s mission is to bring forth compassion in the industry. They strive to remain connected to the those that make their work possible and worthwhile — the cannabis community. Space Nugs invites you to experience the highest standard cannabis flowers and extracts.

The Space Nugs odyssey began with a group of cannabis enthusiasts working in various dispensaries throughout Southern California. As budtenders, they're well versed in a variety of cannabis products. Each longed to create something of a higher caliber, something that truly took people on a trip. They worked together to bring Space Nugs to life, officially launching in October 2016.

Space Nugs ingenuity begins with premium cannabis flowers. Some flowers are separated out for extraction, where Space Nugs isolates the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant with CO2. The extraction artists also craft kief, mechanically removing the resinous glands from their flowers to coat their creations. From there, Space Nugs’ flavorful buds are doused in CO2 oil then dipped in their specialty kief.   Products   Board the lit ship in the rocket of your choice. Land on your own private planet of euphoria with Space Nugs Moonrocks, offered four fruity flavors plus an OG variety. Or you can skip packing and rolling with Space Nugs’ prerolls. Each delivers their premium quality moonrocks rolled up and ready to toke. Those that desire to travel through deep space can pick up Space Glue, a jar of solvent-free clear concentrate derived from Gorilla Glue flowers. Space Nugs offers CBD as well. Space Dust is a CBD Crystalline that packs powerful pain relief with zero head change. Traverse the outer reaches with discretion and ease. Space Vapes take users to the level they desire without the smell of burning flowers and with pocket-sized portability. Pair one of Space Nugs otherworldly cartridges with their Vape Kit, including a vape battery with C-3PO colored sheen and USB charger.

Space Nugs is pleased to offer lab tested cannabis products provided by SC Labs. Each product is screened for potency, pesticides, residual solvents, and terpenes.