Terrapin Care Station

Terrapin Care Station

4.9 ★

Terrapin Care Station invites you on a cannabis journey borne from the industry’s leading advocates and growing experts. The cultivators at Terrapin Care Station redefine marijuana excellence. When you sample a bud from TCS, you are tasting the fruits of nearly a decade of advocacy, lobbying, and refined cultivation techniques. Terrapin Care Station cultivates Colorado’s finest cannabis and is proud to lead the charge towards cannabis freedom for all. 

Serving the communities of Boulder, Denver, and Aurora Colorado Terrapin Care Station has been a leader in the cannabis industry since beginning in Boulder in 2009. Offering extended hours, Terrapin Care Station continues to improve the retail cannabis consumer experience. Combined with staff that has superior product knowledge, Terrapin prides itself on providing quality products at industry leading everyday low prices.

Serving both medical cannabis patients and adults who choose a recreational alternative, Terrapin Care Station has developed a selection of high-grade cannabis products that provide customers with a variety of tasting profiles and experiences. You can find stations throughout the Front Range including our 33rd and Peoria stop located within 20 minutes of Denver International Airport and easily accessed by RTD Light Rail.

The Terrapin Care Station team got its start in Colorado in 2009, serving medical patients with the finest quality cannabis and expert product knowledge possible. Starting as one of the first licensed medical dispensaries in the state, Terrapin Care Station began serving its community with an unrelenting commitment to quality and continual, innovative improvement. In 2011, Terrapin Care Station was a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, which laid the groundwork for the brand’s record contribution as the largest single donor to Colorado’s Amendment 64 in 2012. By moving from retail cannabis, expanding to Oregon and innovating new products, Terrapin Care Station continues to push the bar of cannabis freedom and industry growth. The Terrapin team passionately advocates for the free and unrestricted access for all to high-quality, exquisite cannabis products. 

Terrapin Care Station invests the highest level of care and precision in every cannabis good the team crafts. The cultivation center team grows its sparkling flower strains in its state-of-the-art growing facility, and employs the latest and cleanest organic methods to yield clean, potent and flavorful buds. In the processing lab, Terrapin artists extract its flower into a variety of concentrated and infused products like topicals, edibles, and vape pens. Terrapin Care Station also partners with local extraction artists to produce some of the finest shatters, waxes, and oils via both BHO and CO2 extraction methods.  

Terrapin Care Station is known far and wide for its premium selection of expertly-grown cannabis flower. Terrapin growers have won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards for its cultivars. Strains like Hell’s OG, Grapefruit Durban, Princess Leia, and Elphaba’s Bliss are among Terrapin Care Station’s exclusive selection of bud.

Per Colorado regulations, Terrapin Care Station sends every one of its cannabis crops to a third party lab for quality assurance testing. The team checks for microbials, pesticides, terpene profiles, potency, and any unwanted metals, mold, or mildew.