Soil to Oil, Always the Finest.

WeedBunny proudly serves the recreational cannabis market as Washington’s oldest i502 extraction company. The founding team originated in Seattle in 2014, starting as a small patient grow with a small closed-loop extraction machine. As the medical marijuana program came to an end in Washington, WeedBunny made the transition to recreational cannabis, crafting quality products and reinvesting their money back into the company. In the years since, WeedBunny has scaled tremendously, able to produce higher volumes of concentrates while retaining the same micro-extractor feel they began with. They will continue to focus on top shelf concentrates, continually refining and improving their products while serving as pioneers in the world of adult-use cannabis. 

Always seeking the finest flower, WeedBunny collaborates with Doc and Yeti Urban Farms, Phat Panda, Heavenly Buds, Danky Doodle, Clarity Farms and Canna Verde among others for their source marijuana bud. Utilizing iron fist closed-loop BHO/hydrocarbon extractors, every batch of extracted cannabis goes through a thorough dewaxing process, where each batch takes typically 86 hours to purge entirely. They also create products through a cannabinoid distillation, reserved for the most powerfully potent of their concentrates. Utterly clean of contaminants, WeedBunny takes its extractions and forms a top-of-the-line selection guaranteed to offer a potent, pure concentrate experience. 

WeedBunny crafts a comprehensive line of top-grade cannabis concentrates. Their honeycomb, shatter and live resin are among their best sellers. Their Orange Kush, Cynex and Kandy Kush consistently sell out, and soon they will introduce a whole new line of products onto the market. WeedBunny Edibles and topicals soon will make an appearance, as well as the Cannagar: 8-10g of flower rolled, cast, dipped in distillate and wrapped in cannabis fan leaves. 

WeedBunny collaborates with Integrity Labs to ensure their extracts consistently meet their high standards of quality and excellence. Per Washington state law, they test for residual solvents, microbials, potency, heavy metals, terpenes, and pesticides.

WeedBunny products feature in dispensaries primarily in Thurston and King Counties, including locations such as The Freedom Market, Diego Pellicer, Seattle Cannabis Company and Issaquah Cannabis Company.