Craft Collective

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Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics is an research and access collective. Our Berkeley Delivery Service provides our patients with safe and efficient access to the highest quality medicine in the Bay Area. Optimal flavor and potency is our primary objective. We specialize in Clean Green Certified medicine. C.R.A.F.T. believes sustainable and organic growing methods are the way to promote cannabis as a therapeutic medicine. 

MC Wellness

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Pharm direct, so we pass the savings on to you. Sales tax and delivery fee is included in the menu price. All of our medicine is grown in soil with only organic nutrients. It is grown locally in the East Bay. We do not purchase and re-sell medicine from vendors. We are a pharm direct collective. We do not accept credit cards.


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We are a patient centered cooperative bringing patients access to a natural perspective of wellness through access to high quality medicine, educational seminars, support groups, and a variety of services. Services are included in membership with no additional fee.

The Strain Train

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The Strain Train is a friendly east bay delivery service dedicated to providing safe and easy access to quality medication at very affordable prices.

The Green Team

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The Green Team is a collective dedicated to delivering top quality medicinal cannabis for legally qualified patients and caregivers. Beyond delivering top quality medicine, we embody all of the characteristics of a team. The idea is that every member of the collective plays a vital roll in our existence. We feel that it is essential that all prospective and existing members understand the history of how The Green Team came to be. Our founder and director, wrote the following blurb: A team is a number of persons associated together in work or activity. As a child, being part of a team was something I cherished deeply, and really took to heart. I was always taught that being a team player was the only way to be successful on the court, on the field, or in any other realm. One simply cannot achieve the satisfaction and success of a great team, on ones own. A great team is comprised of individual people with individual talents, who join their skills together for the good of the group. I have found that marijuana has the ability to bring people of completely different interests, skills, and backgrounds, together. 

Green Box Medical

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Green Box Delivery is a new service in California that seeks to streamline and standardize the flow of medical cannabis to patients. Green Box was created and is managed by undergraduates at both UCLA and UC Berkeley, and is partnered with over 8 commercial cannabis cultivators in both Northern and Southern California. 

Planez Medicinal

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We are a professional mobile fleet of dreamers safely delivering prestigious cannabis strains and outstanding service to loyal residents of The East Bay. Proud to be carrying choice medicinal cannabis products from local vendors: Girl Scout Cookies, Platinum Kush, & Happy Dream from True Humboldt. Prerolls from Triple J's & True Humboldt. Hard candy edibles from 530 Edibles. Sour Diesel and Sour Jack wax from Terps From The Town & Reg Congolese from Dragonfish Farms via Oakland Extracts. Zen Pen's hardware kit & concentrates.

Berkeley Patient's Group

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Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) is the nation's oldest medical cannabis dispensary. Since 1999, we have provided access to affordable, lab-tested medicine in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and professional.Our vision for legal integrity, coupled with our mission to provide compassionate care, has made BPG one of California's most reputable dispensaries. BPG operates in full compliance with California's medical cannabis laws and is regarded as a leader in self-regulation and the development of industry best practices.Our mission is to provide high quality, effective, and affordable medical cannabis to our patients. We create and maintain the highest standards of excellence in all that we do. We foster a compassionate community that advances understanding and inspires action.

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