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Purple Drink Purple Drink
THC: 24.00 %

Indica-Dominant Hybrid. 24.0% THC Full-sun, organic, soil grown in Sierra foothills. A Granddaddy Purple cross with Girl Scout Cookies gives this strain a smooth taste and mild, relaxing effects.

White Widow White Widow
THC: 27.00 %

White Widow is a classic strain from the Netherlands. Its buds are characterized by a frost white resin that cues its potency.

Emerald Cup Concentrates Rosin - Purple Candy - $50/g Emerald Cup Concentrates Rosin - Purple Candy - $50/g

Lifted is proud to bring you top of the line Rosin from the talented people at Emerald Cup Concentrates. This Rosin is Solvent Free and Lab Tested to ensure Purity, Safety, and Consistency. Purple Candy (I) - THC 78.82%

THC: 24.00 %

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. 24% THC Full-sun, organic, soil grown in Humboldt County. With an earthy and sour flavor, SFV OG delivers potent and immediate relaxation effects--both physical and mental. 

Zelda OG Zelda OG
THC: 19.60 % CBD: 0.30 %

 (Greenhouse Light Dep) ZELDA is an amazing hybrid cross of Legend OG and Orange Blossom Trail.This hybrid possesses a head-thumping potency that soothes and sedates. Complex aromas of anise, kush, roses and sandalwood intermingle. Zelda is a limited edition three way cross between a land race Jamaican, an old skool El Niño and the infamous California Orange. This is a pure hybrid with a complex smell and taste off pepper, sour cream and haze. Her flowers are long, dense and packed with spar...

Premium Ready-Go Mix Premium Ready-Go Mix

Choice, top-shelf popcorns and small buds, pre-ground so you don’t have to. If you’re a joint and blunt fan, and high-potency is a must, this is a deal that shouldn’t be missed. Works great for vaping as well. 1/2 Oz= $90 1 Oz = $180

Dutch Crunch Dutch Crunch
THC: 21.92 %

Soil organic indoor. You will taste the purity of this flower from beginning to end. The grower of this amazing flower has been cultivating this strain alone for nearly a decade and we think he has mastered the craft. Very cerebral effects. We recommend this for high tolerance patients in need of immediate relief. Cross between Dutch Treat and Jack Herer, this is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. The cerebral effects are powerful and immediate.  

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