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Animal Cookies Animal Cookies
THC: 22.00 %

Heavy indica like its counterpart, girl scout cookies its sure to pack a punch with an added extra flavor

Bubba Kush Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has been known to produce a very heavy, body numbing and completely lazy type of high. As most Indicas tend to produce a very couchlocking effect of a buzz, Bubba Kush does not stray from its Indica lineage and produces nothing short of a couchlock. You either have to continue smoking this strain throughout the day or eventually just take a nap. Patients who have medicated with this strain do not have a care in the world when they smoke this.


Vader Extracts Sour OG(Nug Run) Vader Extracts Sour OG(Nug Run)

Nug Run Shatter 1 gram


420 Yummy Brownie 420 Yummy Brownie

These powerful brownies will knock you off your feet and send you into a beautiful abyss. When you eat these tasty morsels with each bite you can taste the herby flavor as well as the chocolate goodness. Try one today and ask about our package deals!!


Paris OG Preroll Paris OG Preroll

Made with the exclusive strain Paris OG and infused with Paris OG concentrate

Tarantula Ganja Gold Tarantula Ganja Gold

Extremely Potent Pre Rolls Made with Co2 Wax, Outdoor Bud, and Keif.

House Pre-Roll (over 1 gm) House Pre-Roll (over 1 gm)

A Pre-Roll with all the Better Buds Strains.......Bottom of the Bag means extra Kief!!!!!

Top Shelf Pre-roll (.5 gm) Top Shelf Pre-roll (.5 gm)

Your choice of flower.... Don't forget to ask for Your Phunky Fresh Tips


Dr. Poppy's Tincture Dr. Poppy's Tincture

Alcohol Based Tincture.....Super potent 10x Dose (This is medicine......If you are looking for a tasty tincture this is not for you....If you are looking for a tincture that is potent, you have found it


Foria Marijuana Infused Sex Lube Foria Marijuana Infused Sex Lube

The power of ancient plant medicine at your fingertips. Inspire healing and unlock pleasure with an all-natural sensual enhancement oil designed specifically for women. Foria is hand-crafted from the female flower of the marijuana plant - one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world - using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity. Every bottle of Foria is lab tested to ensure that it is free from pesticides and residual solvents. These statements have not been eval...


Hitman Glass Tiny Hammerhead Cake Hitman Glass Tiny Hammerhead Cake

Tiny Hammerhead Cake. 10mm with dome.

Hitman Glass Hammerhead Sidecar Hitman Glass Hammerhead Sidecar

Phase two hammerhead sidecar, sandblasted. 14mm. Comes with dome.

Hitman Glass Sandblasted Beaker Hitman Glass Sandblasted Beaker

Phase 2 Sandblasted Beaker 14mm comes with dome

Stay Lit Vaporizer Kit (Oil and Dry Herb Pen) Stay Lit Vaporizer Kit (Oil and Dry Herb Pen)

The Stay+Lit Vaporizer kit includes all of the following: Essential Oil Tank Concentrated Oil Tank Herbal Tank E-Nail with Globe Battery Wall Charger USB Charger Stay Lit vaporizer is an ALL IN ONE vape kit. It is packaged with all the vaporizer essentials needed for all your vape needs. Works with oil, dry, and wax medication. All four tanks are included for each use.

Smooth 2 Loaded Vaporizer (Wax and Oil Pen) Smooth 2 Loaded Vaporizer (Wax and Oil Pen)

This 2 Loaded Waxy Oil Vaporizer pen in Gold brings a whole new way of vaping to the table. Stylish and sleek this vaporizer pen offers a very classy way to vape with a perfect puff every time. This product was specifically designed for wax, and oils. Box Includes: 1- 650 mAh Battery 1- 2 Loaded Atomizer 1- Packing Tool 1- Wireless USB Charger 1- User Manual

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