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Farmacy420 is a full-service medical marijuana collective providing delivery to Irvine and surrounding areas in Orange County.

Our delivery service operates late. Delivery is free to all of Irvine and Tustin, with nominal delivery fees added for surrounding areas. For deliveries outside of our normal services range, our delivery fee is very reasonable and is based on the distance from the edge of our normal services range. 

Our current flower inventory centers around 12 or 13 strains from an all-organic indoor grow. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used at this grow, resulting in a clean product where you can really tell the difference. We also carry traditionally (chemical hydroponics) grown product for those who prefer flowers grown under those methods.

Our concentrate line is a premium dough/crumble, that we have found to be of a consistently higher quality product than any of the commercially available shatters. Our line always tests 76-79% THC, depending on strain, and always passes residual solvent tests. We feel confident that you will find this to be a superior product, at a price that is very fair.

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