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Good Earth Meds came about due to one person’s struggle with a severe case of Crohn’s disease, beginning in 1999.

Bill Delany tried every remedy that Western Medicine had to offer for this painful intestinal disease, with no relief. Knowing that doctors consider Crohn’s disease incurable, Mr. Delany decided to search beyond traditional doctors for a cure.

Being a recovering alcoholic and drug user from the sixties and seventies, he was reluctant to try medical marijuana for his disease. It had been almost twenty five years since he had a drink, or illegal drug, when he decided to give medical marijuana a chance in 2008.

All of the treatment programs for addictions teach that any drug, or drink will propel one back to their addictive ways. So it was with great trepidation that Delany tried marijuana medically in 2009.

From the first puff, he knew that there was one substance on earth that could offer some relief from this horrible disease – marijuana. Some intestinal blockages opened immediately and he was reminded of how his gut felt, prior to Crohn’s disease.

Three months later he had weaned himself off of the cancer causing prescription drugs that he had been taking for the previous ten years. Buoyed by this experience and still being somewhat sick he decided to open Good Earth Meds to make this medical miracle available to others.

In 2010, Good Earth Meds was opened in a beautiful industrial valley. Good Earth Meds served local medical marijuana patients for the first four years and in 2014, they opened for recreational sales to adults. Ironically, they are helping more people medically now than before.

People from all over the country are visiting Colorado and seeing if this herb can help with their ailments. We also serve tons of people with no maladies, who are simply seeking relaxation and an alternative to alcohol.

Whether medically or recreationally we have some wonderful organic products that will put a smile on your face. Also, our knowledgeable, friendly staff love their work and await your visit.

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