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Berry Noir *Small Nugs* Berry Noir *Small Nugs*

Berry Noir is an amazing triple cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Blackberry. These are all venerable strains known for their powerful heavy effects and Berry Noir, Firm with a spongy texture, this indica-dominant strain features well-formed medium green nugs covered with a glistening trichome resin and abundant fine red hairs. Burning very smoothly, there is a mild fruity odor followed by a captivating licorice aroma reminiscent of old school skunk.

Kurupt's MoonRock SELEB OG **Special for 25** Kurupt's MoonRock SELEB OG **Special for 25**

Bud + Hash Oil + Kief = "STRONGEST BUD IN YOUR GALAXY" Lab tested at 51% THC!!! The buds come out very nice and solid. You can definitely see and feel the heavy coat from the hash oil and kief, all this covering a High Grade flower in Seleb OG.The extra kick is very heavy. Pipes and Bongs are best to enjoy these beauties. Stay away from grinders!!!

Tangie by Dr. Greenthumb (fresh batch) Tangie by Dr. Greenthumb (fresh batch)

Tangie is another fantastic offering from DNA Genetics in Amsterdam that has quickly gained popularity in its home and is spreading elsewhere. This strain is a remake of sorts of the popular version of Tangerine Dream that was sought-after in the 1990s. The genetics on this strain are a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid, and its citrus heritage is the most evident in its refreshing tangerine aroma. The flavor is heavy, its like biting a sweet, juicy tangerine. The euphoric rush is am...

Mega Wellness OG Mega Wellness OG

1st Place 2015 HTCC Best Hybrid Indica Dominant

Mossad OG Mossad OG

A very potent blend of mind and body high. Light green color that is covered in icy trichomes. Has a very strong, sweet,sour, piney aroma that leads to a tasteful smoke. The buds are thick and juicy, dense all around. Mossad is an indica-dominant strain bred by Terraform Genetics, who crossed a Conspiracy Kush male with the Kosher Kush female. This San Fernando Valley strain may express one of two sets of characteristics depending on the phenotype. The first (dubbed Mossad OG) takes after its...

Project Blue Book Project Blue Book

A very unique strain that rivals the Tangie. A very sweet undertone, but a bomb sour,citrusy taste that leaves your mouth watering. You definitely see, smell, and taste tangie, in a very unique way.


*Nameless Genetics* TangieLand *Nameless Genetics* TangieLand

Premium Nug Run Cake Badder.

Caramel Macchiato *aka Majestic 12* Caramel Macchiato *aka Majestic 12*

Premium Nug Run Sugar wax by Soil To Oil.

*Josh D Cut* OG Kush Sugar *Josh D Cut* OG Kush Sugar

Premium Nug Run Sugar wax but yet a solid stable texture,Terps stay true to the flower with heavy OG flavor on the inhale and exhale with the potency to match.

*Cookie Family* Gello *Cookie Family* Gello

Organic Sun Grown Flowers Grown by Cookie Family Genetics, Nug Run by Soil 2 Oil Extracts. South Florida OG x Gelato.


*Honey Vape* Vape Cartridges *500 Doses* *Honey Vape* Vape Cartridges *500 Doses*

About 2 grams of oil

*Honey Vape* Girl Scout Cookies *500 Doses* *Honey Vape* Girl Scout Cookies *500 Doses*

2 grams of oil

*Honey Vape* Vape Cartridges *150 Doses* *Honey Vape* Vape Cartridges *150 Doses*

Skywalker OG. OG Kush. Strawberry Kush. Girl Scout Cookies. Tangerine Dream. Bubble Gum. Trainwreck.


Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir

Cannariginals Product. EMU 420 Essentials. 420 MG Cannabinoids. 2:1 CBD/THC. Ingredients: CBD Extracts, Proprietary blend of Natural Oils. Combination of CBD concentrates with the purest form of Emu oil for ease of absorption.

*PopNaturals* CBD SoftGels *20MG* *PopNaturals* CBD SoftGels *20MG*

10 Servings Per Container. Serving Size : 1 Softgel. Amount Per Serving: CBD = 19.77mg. THC = 3.35mg. CBDA = 5.02mg. THCA = 1.18. Total Cannabiniods: 31.33. Other Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Gelatin.

*Korova* 5150 Bar *500 MG* *Korova* 5150 Bar *500 MG*

Potent blend of Korova's Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies baked on top of their Triple Chocolate Brownie.

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