Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is greenrush?

    greenrush is a fully licensed cannabis delivery retailer serving Northern California.
  • Where does greenrush Deliver?

    greenrush delivers to select zip codes in San Francisco, Peninsula, San Jose, East Bay and Sacramento. greenrush’s delivery regions are always expanding, please enter your address at to see if we deliver to you!
  • How old do I have to be to order from greenrush?

    You must be 21+ to order on greenrush.

    If you have a Medical Marijuana Recommendation, you must be 18+
  • What do I need to get an MMJ card through greenrush?

    To get your medical marijuana card through us, all you need to do is sign up, provide some basic information about your medical history and submit a photo of your official state ID or driving license. You also need a device with which you can connect to one of our doctors over a video call and about 20-30 minutes of free time.


  • How do I create a greenrush account?

    It’s easy. Simply click Sign up to get the ball rolling. You need to be a member of greenrush before you can order.
  • What information do I need to provide in order to sign up?

    We don’t need much. You can create an account with just your name, phone number, and email address. You will be required to submit some a password to complete account creation. We suggest you make this something memorable to make it easy to login again. To place an order you will need to submit a valid photo Id to fulfill the legal proof of age verification requirements for cannabis ordering. For medical orders, we also need you to submit a photo copy of your medical marijuana card/doctor’s recommendation. thsi also applies to any State issued medical marijuana reccomendations and cards. Please note that the requirements and restrictions for medical cannabis vary by state. All photo Id submissions can be in the form of a photograph taken by your smartphone, so you don’t even have to leave the house. If you don’t have an MMJ card, get one here for $39.
  • What documents are valid as Proof of Residence?

    Home Delivery: Piece of mail, lease, or utility bill from the delivery address

    Work Delivery: Paystub, on-boarding document with your name on it

    Hotel/AirBNB Delivery: Screenshot of reservation, work itinerary that includes lodging info, or proof of stay document from front desk

  • I’ve forgotten my login details. What do I do?

    We’ve got your back. If you’ve forgotten your password, just hit the and set up a new one. If you’ve forgotten your username, get in touch with us and we’ll figure it out together. Insider tip: It’s probably the email address you use for everything…


  • How fast will my order arrive?

    Our average delivery time is approximately 90 minutes. During peak delivery hours, which tend to be weekdays between 4pm and 9pm, deliveries may take a bit longer. If your order has not been delivered within 90 minutes, please email and include your phone number and ID and we’ll give you a discount on your next order.
  • Why did my ETA change during delivery?

    Your estimated time of arrival (ETA) is affected by several factors like traffic, time to delivery location, and product availability. Your ETA is subject to change once your order has been placed. Your order will be dispatched in the order it was received and you’ll receive updates via SMS with your ETA. Your driver will contact you when they are on the way and once again before they arrive. If you have issues receiving your delivery please contact our support team at
  • Where is my driver?

    You will receive an SMS notification once your order has been dispatched to a driver.
  • Does greenrush charge a delivery fee?

    No, as a courtesy to our customers we do not charge a delivery fee.
  • Can I update my order in progress?

    Chat with one of our agents and we will make every effort to correct your order


  • What are greenrush’s Hours of Operation?

    Hours may vary depending on your zip code. Orders can be placed 24/7.
  • Is there an order minimum?

    The minimum order is $40 and can be higher in certain areas.
  • Do you charge tax?

    Yes. California state law requires that we charge sales tax, state excise tax and local cannabis business taxes on all cannabis purchases.
  • Can I place an order in advance?

    Yes. We do allow orders in advance. You can schedule your order in advance on the same day, or for next day delivery.
  • Can someone else receive my delivery?

    No, it’s against the law. All deliveries must be received by the person who placed the order. Your driver will ask to see your ID upon delivery. If the person who placed this order is unavailable when the driver reaches the drop-off location, your order will be canceled.
  • Is tip included in my order total?

    No. Tip is not included. While tipping is entirely up to you, should you wish to tip your driver you can tip via credit card or cash.
  • What are acceptable forms of payment?

    We accept “Pay with Bank Account” with Stronghold, Debit, Credit Card and Cash.
  • How will the Credit Card charge show up on my statement

    You will receive a text message with the generic descriptor that will display on your statement.
  • Can I place an order if I'm visiting from out of state?

    Yes, but you must have a valid, government-issued photo ID proving you are of age. We cannot accept any medical patients without a California state ID and a valid medical cannabis card issued in California.
  • What if I received a defective product, or am missing an item?

    We make sure our customers get the items they pay for. If an item is missing, or you’ve received a defective product, please email us Provide your name, phone number, a photo and description of your issue. We take very good care of our customers and we want to make sure we get your order right!
  • Is there a daily limit on how much I can order?

    Yes. In California the daily limit is 28.5 grams of flower (1 ounce) or 8 grams of concentrates (including vaporizer cartridges and edibles) per business day.
  • Do you have my favorite product in-stock?

    You can check out all of the premium products available on our online menu at Our menu updates in real time so we only show products that are available for fast delivery in your area. If you do not see your favorite product please email and tell us what we are missing!
  • How do I redeem a promo code?

    Promo codes must be redeemed, online, at the checkout. You will be asked to enter your promo code before you confirm your order. Only one promo code can be used at a time. Promo codes and CannaCash can not be used in combination in a single order.
  • How do I earn CannaCash?

    You earn an industry-leading 8% back on all purchases. Spend $100? We’ll give you $8 back in CannaCash. You can spend up to 100 on an order, or save and redeem whenever is convenient for you!
  • Can I use more than one discount code per order?

    No. We can only accept one discount per order. greenrush wallet credit is considered a discount by the online store so you cannot use wallet credits and discount codes/links at the same time. Save your wallet credit for next time!
  • Does greenrush ship products? does not ship any products offered on the website and advises against it. All products available for purchase on greenrush can be delivered or picked-up at a dispensary based on their location. Shipping cannabis products is illegal.
  • What is greenrush’s Exchange Policy?

    We will consider exchanging damaged or defective cannabis products if they are reported to within 24 hours of purchase. All non-damaged cannabis product sales are final. We do not exchange products when customers do not like the look, feel, taste, smell or any other characteristic of the product. We only consider exchanges when a hardware product, such as a battery, pod or cart are damaged or defective. All exchanges shall be at the discretion of greenrush. Refunds are not permitted.