Ordering Weed from greenrush

When you’re hungry, you have food delivered. When you’d like to kick back and relax, ordering weed should be just as easy. Enter greenrush.

Our in-depth product insights and intuitive shopping process that helps you find what’s right for you. Here’s how it works.


Ways to Shop

Enter the zip code where you’d like your weed delivered. Then choose how you’d like to shop—by effect, product, or brand.


Finding Your Favorite Products

greenrush carries all of your favorite products. After choosing your go-to category you can filter results to meet your needs.

  • Intuitive Filters

    Desired effects

    Product type

    Recreational or medical uses

    Scheduled or On-Demand delivery


Learning About Products and Strains

greenrush offers helpful information to help you make the right choice—and how to use it.

We feature:


Verifying Your Age

greenrush makes it easy to quickly verify your age and address, enabling you to purchase weed.

Find “Create A New greenrush Account”, add your information and government ID, and you’re set to order.


Placing Your Order

Need help? Our Product Advisors will help you find the right product or answer your questions.


Receiving Your Order

We’ll notify you when we receive your order and keep you updated with texts every step of the way. When the order arrives via a friendly driver:
- Show your ID to validate your identity
- Wait for a knock or meet the driver
- Pay for your order
- Enjoy!