Ten 420 Las Vegas Events You Have To Go To In 2018

What better way to celebrate 420 than to pay a visit to Sin City? Las Vegas is host to a plethora of 420 parties this year and has something for whatever kind of marijuana enthusiast you fancy yourself to be. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling this list of events for all those who want to celebrate 420 Las Vegas style. Here are the top 10 events going on on 420 weekend this year!

1. High In The Sky Expo & Festival

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On 4/20 at 4:20, the doors will open for High In The Sky Expo and Festival. This one-day outdoor event will be held at the Desert Pines Golf Course and will usher you into the 4/20 weekend with some dope R&B tunes. Remember, there will be no cannabis vendors at this event, so you’ll have to BYO for this one!

2. Puff, Pass, and Paint

420 las vegas

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This art class has become something of a cultural event in Las Vegas, and 420 in Las Vegas would be lacking without it. This art class is a unique way to get in touch with your creative side, by getting yourself a seat in an art class and a pre-roll to boot. Just choose from a selection of indica or sativa at the time of purchase, and you’re all set for a unique 420 Last Vegas experience.

3. 420 Roll-It-Up Ft. Ice Cube

420 las vegas

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This certainly seems like it would be a dope party – even without the dope. But this 420, why not get high to the smooth tunes of Ice Cube, Bone Thugs n’ Harmony, Cypress Hill, Baby Bash and Mixmaster Mike? Doors will open at 6:30 on 4/20 at the Thomas and Mack Center and you can get your tickets online. There’s no chiller way to spend 420 in Las Vegas this year.

4. Tribal Theory Live 420

420 las vegas

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Spent all of your money on dope and can’t actually afford to go anywhere for Las Vegas 420? Never mind – Tribal Theory is putting on a free show at The House Of Blues. Make sure to RSVP soon, because there is only limited space for this event. This event is open to all ages so you’ll have to blaze up before the show.

5. Purple Reign

420 las vegas

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For those looking to kick it old school, 420 Las Vegas has got you covered. The Purple Reign Prince tribute show is on all weekend, but if you’re looking for something extra funky, enjoy listening to Prince at the Tropicana Hotel at 9 pm. There will be no weed smoking in the theatre, but blazing up outside is highly recommended for a show like this!

6. 420 Weekend By SME Productions

420 las vegas

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This party was specifically designed for hardcore 420 lovers. Real 420 Las Vegas events should go for the whole weekend, don’t you think? If you feel like celebrating your love for 420 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the Tropicana Hotel will be hosting this event, produced and run by SME Productions. The 420 Weekend is definitely not for those who like a low-key party.

7. Las Rageous

420 las vegas

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Another musical event to celebrate 420 Las Vegas style is at Las Rageous annual rage festival. This party is a two day, music-filled event to enjoy over the 420 weekend. Starting on Friday 4/20 and finishing up on Saturday 4/21, you can expect to see the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, A Perfect Circle and many more! There’s a lot of big names to enjoy – and to rage to, of course.

8. Jerry Seinfeld

420 las vegas

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Want to squeeze out some laughs on 420 in Las Vegas? Why not go and see some stand-up comedy? Jerry Seinfeld will be performing at Caesar’s Palace on Friday and Saturday. There’s nothing more refreshing than some transcendental laughs – especially if you hit the joint before you arrive.

9. Le Rȇve (The Dream)

420 las vegas

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Le Reve is French for “the dream”, and while this event may not be specifically made for stoners, it’s definitely something stoners would love. A fusion of acrobatics, fire, and water, it’s something to make you go “wow” while your stoned brain is firing bliss neurons like crazy. Watch this spectacular production on Friday and Saturday at the Wynn Theatre.

10. The Merry Jane 420 Wellness Retreat, hosted by Snoop Dogg

420 las vegas

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This year will be the fifth annual Wellness Retreat hosted by Snoop Dogg, and the previous versions have been a raging success. The event goes all the way from Denver to Las Vegas on Friday 4/20. On Saturday 4/21, the event hits Kent, WA, and Eugene, OR. It wraps up on Sunday in San Jose. What a crazy weekend! The Las Vegas show starts at 10:30 pm with Snoop Dogg and Rae Sremmurd at Drai’s Nightclub.

420 Las Vegas is not to be missed this year, with a tonne of stoner-friendly events to attend! Make sure to blaze safely this year in Vegas!

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