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Jenny's - North Las Vegas

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Jenny's Dispensaries are brought to you by the same people who are growing Waveseer Medical Marijuana in Nevada. Our goal is to provide the best quality medical marijuana possible everywhere it is legally allowed. We believe that attention to detail, constant innovation, and scientific expertise are what set us apart from other growers. We take seriously our goal of improved health for all, and believe that our products, in combination with positive lifestyle choices and open communication with your physicians, can lead to an improved quality of life.   Right now, we are witnessing medical marijuana save lives in 23 states including our nation’s capital. From treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy to alleviating the pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and AIDS, medical cannabis is enhancing, enriching and saving lives. Using both science and intuition, we harvest our cannabis at its peak maturity. This ensures that we capture the flowers’ truest flavor, essence, and medicinal value. Upon harvest, we dry and cure the cannabis in climate and moisture controlled environments. This process releases water, chlorophyll and other impurities that affect taste and purity. NOTE: All cannabis that goes into Waveseer products is lab-tested and analyzed. We make sure that there is no mold, pesticides or other toxic compounds in our cannabis. We also use the lab tests to measure the exact amounts of each cannabinoid, terpenoid, and flavonoid so that we can ensure consistency and quality from all of our products.

Oasis Cannabis

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STORE OPEN 24 HOURS! OUR PRICES INCLUDE TAX! Now Delivering for FREE from 8:00 am until 10:00pm ($50+ orders) to all Nevada residents 21+, to the address on ID. WE ACCEPT OUT OF STATE PATIENT CARDS (In-Store ONLY, with valid ID from the same jurisdiction). 

Essence | West Tropicana

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Accepting all out of state MMJ Cards  Free Delivery Service Available & Pick Up Your Order. Dispensing excellence in the heart of Vegas with three locations throughout the valley! Essence embodies the cultivation of reliable patient care by providing the largest variety of superior quality products combined with unmatched service and experience.  Our professional staff is committed to understanding each patient’s needs in order to deliver a natural, encouraging experience at restoring individual health and happiness.  Allow us to Find Your Essence.

MMJ America

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Welcome to MMJ America - Las Vegas!  ★ Recreational Marijuana Sales: Available as of July 1, 2017 for patients 21 & over  ★ Recreational sales will be charged a 10% excise tax in addition to Nevada's 8.25% sales tax  ★ We have extended our hours of operation to 11:45pm every night!  ○ MMJ America Mission Statement:  MMJ America strives to be the leading marijuana dispensary group all across America. We believe in the healing powers of cannabis. We put patients first by providing top quality Cannabis Cup winning product at unbeatable prices and by advocating for the progressive reform of marijuana laws. MMJ America firmly believes that everyone has a right to personal freedom, especially to make their own decisions when it comes time to medicate.  ○ History:  MMJ America was established in 2009 in Colorado to provide quality medicine at an affordable price. In Colorado, MMJ America has won 1st place in 18 High Times Cannabis Cups. We currently have five premier marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Boulder, and Las Vegas. We named our company MMJ America because we built our business on the same principles that were championed by the founding fathers: freedom, independence and democracy, along with respect for the earth and her natural resources.  ○ Service and Staff:  All staff members at MMJ America are insightful and very knowledgeable with all strains and infused products. MMJ America strives to provide excellent customer service to all patients in order to build an everlasting relationship. MMJ America will provide the most accurate information on cannabis knowledge and lab results. If you have any questions or concerns about any product, please feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable cannabis consultants!  ○ Products:  MMJ America provides all medical marijuana patients in Las Vegas with superior quality cannabis from locally grown cultivators. MMJ America strives to offers a wide variety of marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles, and CBD products. All the products at MMJ America has been thoroughly lab tested to ensure maximum safety and potency for all of our patients.

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